Adoptable Pets In St. Pete And Tampa Bay


Tony’s not a a tiger, but he’s still gr-r-reat!

Pet Pal Animal Shelter

Tony the Tiger King – But Better

We think he’s gr-r-reat! Tony’s a prince among dogs. This three-year-old, 60-pound Catahoula mix loves people and would almost rather cuddle than eat (we said almost!). He’s a well-mannered pup who needs a family of his own.

Chili wants to… well, chill with you. Chili will also accept nose boops and scritches, thank you very much.

Pet Pal Animal Shelter

Chili Chills Out

Chili’s a handsome 1 1/2-year-old male tabby who dreams of a window of his own where he can watch the squirrels and birds… in between naps and scritches, of course. 

All pets spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and dewormed. Pet Pal Animal Shelter, 405 22nd Ave. S., St. Pete. 727-328-7738;

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