The Dreamiest Hotels In Sicily

Caught in the crosshairs of civilisations for centuries, thanks to its vulnerable geography, Sicily enjoys an unusually complex cultural mosaic for such a small, ravishing, island and some of the best hotels in the Med. Yet among its vast array of food, art, religion and architecture lies a fiercely unified identity – one that separates it from mainland Italy and makes it endlessly alluring. Sicily’s best hotels reflect this curious blend of unity and variance – each whispering a different tale of conquest and confrontation, all honouring their extraordinary natural surroundings and offering sweet breakfast feasts of cannoli, granita and brioche con tuppu.

From 18th-century palaces salvaged from Palermo’s crumbling splendour to porous, time-warp rooms inhaling the Aeolians’ salty Tyrrhenian air, here are the best hotels in Sicily.

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