Tampa City Council Passes Noise Ordinance Change For Channelside

City leaders say with all of the people moving to the area and new business developments, these changes needed to take place.

TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa city leaders are planning to turn down the noise in Channelside. by approving an ordinance on Thursday that swaps the Channel District from an entertainment zone to a residential zone.

“Channelside started as a residential district before it even had any entertainment uses,” said Nicole Travis, administrator of development and economic opportunity.

When officers respond, they will no longer need to use the decibel system. Now, they will be able to make a judgment call on whether they believe the noise is too loud.

City leaders said they have received dozens of complaints from people living in the Channelside area regarding noise issues. 

“What that ordinance did yesterday was really listen to the residents of Channelside,” said Travis.

The ordinance will officially be put into place after the mayor signs off on it. 

Moving forward, city leaders will be considering making changes to other areas within city limits to address noise concerns. 

“What are the things that need to change as far as enforcement pieces,” Travis explained.  

City council member Joseph Citro said the goal is to try and find a balance for both residents and business owners. 

“We have to have businesses thriving here and we have to have entrepreneurship, but we are going to have to coexist,” Citro explained.  

The city plans to have three upcoming noise ordinance community meetings to hear people’s thoughts about any potential changes.

Upcoming community meetings:

May 31st

David Barksdale Senior Citizen Center


June 27th

George Bartholomew North Tampa Center


July 6th

Ragan Park


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