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This shot of star Audrey Hepburn is from the movie Sabrina, which was filmed on Long Island.

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It is always a treat to travel to a location or destination that has been featured in a major Hollywood movie. Years ago for example, I visited Hawaii and experienced the Kauai Movie Tour and took in some of the many Hawaiian locations that were featured in the movie, South Pacific. As well as in Jurassic Park. I was especially intrigued by seeing, up-close-and-personal, the famous “Bali Hai’ that was featured in South Pacific , and Lumahai Beach, where nurse Nellie Forbush washed that man right out of her hair. We also visited Wailua Falls, a 173-foot waterfall located near Lihue that feeds into the Wailua River. Most recognized in the opening credits for television show Fantasy Island, Wailua Falls has also made cameos in Dragonfly, Castaway Cowboy, The Amazing Race and Tropic Thunder.

What I especially love about movie tours is that they not only satisfy the filmgoer in me, but I see and learn a lot more than I expected about the destination.

The website Giggster has just revealed the most-used film locations around the world, the locations that have the most highest-grossing films, the countries that have featured in the most movies, and the US states that have been featured in the most movies. New York is the most-popular movie location in the US. For example, didn’t you love all the local locations shot in the comedy, When Harry Met Sally? (Katz’s Delicatessen became a landmark in its own right after it was featured in the classic rom-com. Yup, I’ll have what she’s having.) Furthermore, Central Park in New York is the most-used film location in the world – featured in over 352 movies. Think of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and more recently, The Avengers.

In second place, Bronson Canyon in California is a popular location for science fiction and western movies, thanks to its craggy and pockmarked appearance. This makes it the perfect setting for scenes taking place in a southwestern desert, or barren alien landscapes, and has been featured in the classic movies The Lone Ranger and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The former quarry has been the backdrop for scenes in 236 feature films.

The US states featured in the most movies are New York, Arizona and Massachusetts. Like that idea? Then, for example, you should take the New York Movie Tour, the Arizona Movie Tour or the Boston Movie Tour when you’re in town.

The research has also revealed:

The most-used highest-grossing film location is Griffith Observatory in California – featuring in 64 movies, with an average box office gross of $212,260,000.

The top three countries featured in the most movies are, The United States, The United Kingdom and Canada.

It’s a wrap!

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