Tampa Student Gets $40K In College Scholarship Money





TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — A Hillsborough County Schools student received $40,000 in college scholarship money on Monday.

Kaylee Greelish, a junior at Sickles High School, and her parents were surprised by College Board’s Big Future program.

“I did a few of the scholarship things that it had on there and I guess my name was pulled from the SAT study,” Greelish said.

Greelish is unsure what college she will attend after graduation but plans to become an engineer.

Her parents said they are extra proud as her father was unable to attend college right after high school.

“Her dad was actually not able to go to college because he couldn’t afford it – he didn’t have money. So for Kaylee to be able to not just do college but also maybe get an advanced degree and be able to pay for that and not graduate with debt – it’s huge,” her mom Erika Greelish said.

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