Air Taxis Could Fly Commuters Across Tampa Bay By 2025


The future of ‘air taxis’

The aviation community continues to look toward ‘air-taxis’ as the future of transportation. FOX 13’s Dan Matics has the story.

TAMPA, Fla.Aircraft that take off and land like a drone could be part of the future of transportation around Tampa Bay.

They’re called air taxis and NASA has identified two spots where they could take off and land in the Bay Area. 

Transportation leaders in Tampa and in St. Pete have been working to attract companies that will make THe Bay Area a testing ground for EVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and land) aircrafts.  

Officials on both sides of the bay agree that business and population growth are outpacing local governments’ ability to expand transportation options.

“We cannot keep building roads and bridges because it’s just not feasible,” said Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long. 

The air taxis take off and land like a camera drone. NASA has identified Water Street in downtown Tampa and Westshore as the best locations for possible Vertiports.

At least one manufacturer has projected their fleet to fly by 2025. 

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