Tampa Bay Area Couple Paid For Grill In Full, Then Were Charged Again Months Later

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (WFLA) – Sandra and Bill Wiseman are frugal. They say if they can’t afford it, they don’t buy it.

In October, just after moving to Florida from New York, they bought a grill from Home Depot. They paid online and used their PayPal account. Their PayPal account is backed by Discover Card, and they have receipts showing they paid off the balance and owe nothing for the grill.

Somehow, though, in January they started receiving letters, and then phone calls, from Citi Bank, saying they owe them the amount for the grill.

The Wiseman’s say they do have a Home Depot credit card through Citi Bank, but they rarely use it, and definitely didn’t use it for the grill – or any other item for the exact same amount.

“We’re being charged for this when we didn’t even use the card,” Bill Wiseman said.

After months of trying to figure this out on their own, they knew they’d Better Call Behnken.

Sandra Wiseman said she doesn’t know what else to do. Their credit score has dropped from 826, she says, to in the 600s.

“I’m sick over it. I’ve never, ever, ever in 62 years of marriage, had anything like this. I pay my bills.”

Investigator Shannon Behnken reached out to both Home Depot and Citibank.

A Home Depot spokesman said he has escalated this issue and it’s being looked into, but his team doesn’t know yet what went wrong.

A Citi spokeswoman emailed to say her team is looking into this as well. Better Call Behnken will stay on this story until this is fully resolved.

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