Two Tampa Bay Residents Involved In Nevada Shootout With Deputies


Two from Tampa Bay involved in Nevada shootout with deputies

Evan Axelbank reports

TAMPA, Fla.Dashcam footage released by Nye County Sheriff’s Office shows two deputies firing at two Tampa Bay residents after a chase through the Mojave Desert in Nevada early Monday morning. 

Three deputies approached a car that had been carrying 28-year-old Klim Miro of St. Petersburg and 32-year-old Jade Hugee of Tampa.

“As the deputies approached the vehicle, the male subject in the backseat of the vehicle raised a shotgun and aimed it at deputies,” said Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly.

Deputies fired a combined fourteen rounds, and they said Klim was hit by gunfire, and Hugee was hit by flying glass. They said it started over an hour earlier, in Tecopa, California, when one of them fired at a brewery, and the patrons inside before fleeing and firing at California deputies as well.

After their ride was over, deputies found two weapons with slugs and buckshot. No members of law enforcement were injured.

Klim faces seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon, while Hugee faces charges of resisting law enforcement with a firearm.

The Nye County sheriff said both may face charges in California. The sheriff said neither have a criminal history. 

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