Five Minutes With Sydney Sweeney, Talking Vintage Cars & The MCU

Over the past year, Sydney Sweeney has climbed the ladder of Hollywood with impressive speed. Major roles on two HBO shows—Euphoria and White Lotus—have propelled her to a place where a change in her hair color makes national headlines, and a mysterious ring on her finger sends Twitter into a tizzy. But as Sweeney’s star has risen, she’s managed to accomplish an impressive feat in the realm of celebrity: she has kept her private life private while simultaneously creating a well-rounded public persona that allows her fans to feel like they really know her. Through social media, Sweeney has shared her unique hobbies and pastimes with the world, turning her from “that actress in Euphoria” to “Sydney Sweeney, vintage car rebuilder and mixed martial artist.”

Earlier this year, when fans discovered the hidden TikTok account @syds_garage, they quickly realized they’d stumbled upon Sweeney in the process of refurbishing a cherry red vintage Bronco. Sweeney wasn’t trying to show it off—she was simply in the shop, doing the work. And it was that very authenticity which fans glommed onto. Now, after a year of hard work, the Bronco is finally road-ready (though she doesn’t have a name quite yet), and Sweeney has partnered with eBay Motors to show off the finished product for the first time. The actress took some time from her baby’s big debut to talk to W about the car, her rapid ascent in Hollywood, and her forthcoming debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You’ve been acting for a while, but you really blew up this past year. How does it feel to suddenly become a household name?

I really don’t go out much, so I don’t think I’ve experienced the full effect of it, but I definitely appreciate all the recognition for my hard work. I’ve been working for a really long time, so it’s been amazing.

People know you for your acting, of course, but also your interests in old cars and mixed martial arts. What is it like to be recognized for your hobbies outside of work?

I always wanted to share as much as I can with the public without giving too much of my private life away. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved so many different things, and I’ve wanted to be so many different people—I think that’s why I love acting. So being able to fall in love with cars, fall in love with MMA, and get to share that with people, and get to show girls you can do anything you want, is really special to me.

Your character in Euphoria is hyper-feminine, but you don’t seem to be that way.

Exactly. I’m very much a tomboy.

You wear a few different hats in this industry—that of an actor, but soon, also a producer. What do you want to be known for?

I often get asked, “Who is your role model” or “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” I always say, I want to be whatever the future Sydney Sweeney is. I just hope I am recognized for all the work I do. I love people, I love humanity, and I hope I can give back as much as I can.

Sara Jaye Weiss for eBay

Also, congratulations on your new role in the MCU. Are you a Marvel fan?

Yes. I’ve always been a huge fan. My dad and my little brother’s favorite hobby is just watching any and all superhero movies.

Are you excited to join the long list of impressive actors already in the MCU?

I am. And I’m really excited to work with such an amazing female costar, Dakota Johnson, and a female director, S.J. Clarkson.

Tell me a little bit about the car. Is it ready to hit the road?

She is. I could take her out now, but I don’t know if I would want to drive her in the New York City streets. I want to get a fuel injector for the starter, but other than that, she’s pretty much done.

Would you ever put her in a movie?

I haven’t thought about that. That’d be really fun, yeah.

Does she have a name?

She doesn’t yet. I keep getting asked that, and I haven’t driven her enough. She’s been in the shop, I’ve been working on her, and I just say “she” or “her.” I haven’t been able to connect with her on the road as much yet to be able to figure it out.

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