Man Wanted In 1985 Double Murder In Miami Found In Tampa

by: Robert Pandolfino/NBC News Channel



TAMPA (NBC) – Nearly 37 years after two men were gunned down at a Miami home, authorities said the man who they believe pulled the trigger has been arrested.

Lazaro Santana, now 79, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the Aug. 21, 1985 killing of his friends Carlos Romero and Pedro Otero, according to an arrest warrant from 1985.

According to the arrest warrant, Romero and Otero had been sitting at a kitchen table at a home on 9th Street in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood when Santana barged in, said something to them then shot both of them in the chest.

Otero’s sister was standing in the kitchen and witnessed the double murder, the warrant said.

The warrant said Santana and Romero had committed a robbery and Santana refused to split the proceeds from the robbery with Romero.

Officials said Santana was taken into custody in the Tampa area on March 12, after police received a call about a disoriented man.

When officers arrived they found Santana, who had no identification on him.

Officers ran his fingerprints and the 1985 warrant came up in their system, officials said.

Santana was held at the Hillsborough County jail until he was transferred to the Miami-Dade jail on Thursday.

He is being held without bond and will turn 80 in just a couple of months.

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