Beware Of Red Light Scam Hitting Tampa Bay

Beware of a red light scam hitting Tampa Bay. This new scam is from dumb crooks who are trying to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

The latest scam starts with the victim receiving a letter that says they owe money for running a red light. The notification has huge red letters that say FINAL NOTICE on it. The good news is, it’s fake. The scammers have done a great job of making the ticket look legitimate. It’s even $178.00, which is the going rate for this kind of infraction.

One Florida woman who received one of these scam ‘tickets’ recently called the police when something didn’t seem quite right. Turns out, the date of her supposed violation was February 30-a date that does not exist.

As we said, dumb crooks. Imagine if the scammers had not made that mistake, how many other victims might have sent off or emailed payment without giving it a second thought.

Police confirmed that the solicitation was indeed a scam. Investigators say scammers have resorted to driving past victims’ homes and photographing their license plates, then editing them to look like they were caught running a red light. Police say to check the information thoroughly if you get one in the mail. They also say to bring the mail to them if you have any doubts at all about its validity. They are able to check records to confirm or deny whether it’s authentic.

Cops are currently trying to determine if the scammers delivered the pieces of mail by hand or through the US Mail. If they were sent through the mail, even more charges can be attached to the crimes. Beware red light light scam hitting Tampa Bay.


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