MGM Resorts Set To Host Las Vegas’ First-Ever NFT-Ticketed Event

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts has this week announced its plans to host Las Vegas’ first-ever NFT-ticketed event. The live performance experience will feature world-famous dance crew Jabbawockeez’ newest production, TIMELESS, in partnership with NFT leader YellowHeart, in a new and limited-time collaborative show.

The Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT Ticket Collection is set to deliver an immersive and innovative experience where attending the show is “only the beginning.”

“With the launch of TIMELESS, we are giving Jabbawockeez fans a new way to experience the show,” Andrew Machado, the company’s Senior Vice President of Digital Design & Business Adjacencies said in a press release.

“NFTs usher in a new era for fans where the ticket itself is an ever-evolving experience that begins before the curtain lifts and continues long after the show ends. At MGM Resorts, we strive to create immersive experiences that wow our guests and Jabbawockeez is the perfect partner for our first NFT. They’re amazing creators who are always willing to step outside the box with us to innovate. We’re confident their highly engaged fan base will be incredibly excited to be a part of this new experience.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the world-class, innovative team at MGM Resorts and the extraordinary dance crew Jabbawockeez on this trailblazing first-ever NFT-enabled live event ticketing in Las Vegas. The use of NFT ticketing has quickly become the future and allows us to provide fans ongoing engagement through their NFT ticket,” added Josh Katz, CEO and Founder of YellowHeart.

The event is limited to just 1,110 Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT Tickets, which are now available for purchase for select Jabbawockeez performances from April 7 through to April 30. After the show, the monochrome digital ticket will transform into a “vibrant Jabbawockeez video,” that will serve as a keepsake and digital key that will reportedly unlock even more exclusive offers and benefits.

“The NFT ticketing experience will also illustrate the many benefits for fans, providing them with unique and exclusive access to this community,” Katz continued. “We are excited to be at the forefront of this new era of live entertainment experiences.”

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