Can I Get A Refund On Theme Park Tickets? Not Usually, But Here

Theme parks don’t want guests to visit if they have COVID-19.

Walt Disney World specifically says people experiencing coronavirus symptoms “must not enter.” Legoland New York says, “Do not travel to the resort if you or anyone from your household displays any symptoms of COVID-19.”

While it may feel like travel is returning to normal with mask mandates lifting in many places and COVID-19-related hospitalizations taking a dive in recent months, COVID-19 can still ruin the best laid vacation plans. 

Not all parks are as flexible as they were earlier in the pandemic, but many still offer wiggle room so guests don’t waste all their money if they get sick and need to stay home. USA TODAY reached out to some of America’s most popular theme parks to see what kinds of ticket accommodations are available.

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Busch Gardens / SeaWorld / Sesame Place

Tickets are nonrefundable, nontransferable and typically only valid on the the dates for which they were purchased. However, the parks’ parent company SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment told USA TODAY:

All of our parks encourage any guest that needs to make an unexpected change to a ticket or experience, to contact us as soon as possible so that we can work to accommodate their needs. Cancellation policies vary by type and park, however most in-park experiences and products may be rescheduled prior to the date of arrival based on availability.

Additionally, SeaWorld San Antonio and SeaWorld San Diego have a zero change fee policy. Guests may change reservation dates by calling 210-520-4SEA for San Antonio and 619-222-4SEA for San Diego. Guests are responsible for any differences in ticket prices.

Disney World

Tickets are nonrefundable. However, guests may transfer unused, unexpired tickets to someone else.

Guests may also change the start date for unused, unexpired tickets, pending park availability. Disney World requires park reservations in addition to tickets, so guests should make sure the parks they want to visit are available on their new dates.

Because prices vary by date, guests must pay the difference if the new dates’ prices are higher. Customers may contact Guest Relations with questions about their individual situations.


Tickets are nonrefundable but don’t expire for 2 years, so dates can be changed to any date within the 2-year window. Some earlier promotional tickets had extended expiration windows because of the parks’ pandemic closure.

Guests are responsible for any difference in prices. Like Disney World, Disneyland requires park reservations in addition to tickets for entry. 


Through the end of the year, Dollywood will refund tickets for guests who need to cancel or delay their trips because of contracting COVID-19. Refund requests must be made by Jan. 1, 2023.

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Universal Orlando / Universal Studios Hollywood

Tickets are usually only valid on the dates for which they were purchased, but the resorts told USA TODAY, “We work with our guests individually on a case-by-case basis, and encourage them to contact our Guest Services team prior to their visit to discuss their options” in case of COVID-19 symptoms.

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Staff video, USA TODAY


In most cases, tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable, but guests may modify reservations for Undated Tickets up until 24 hours before scheduled visits.

For date-specific tickets, Legoland California guests have the option to add on cancellation protection when they buy their tickets. Doing so allows them to cancel for any reason within a day of their trip for a full refund, minus a $9.99 cancellation fee.

Legoland Florida guests may change dates on date-specific tickets but must pay a $20 fee and any price difference.

Legoland New York guests may change the dates of their reservations online. They just need to provide their order number and the email address tied to the tickets.

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