New Pay Station Kiosks, 100 Additional Parking Spaces Arrive In Ybor City


Updated 9:29AM


TAMPA, Fla.There are a hundred new parking spaces in Ybor City, along with new pay station kiosks, which officially went live Monday.

It will now cost $1.50 per hour to park on the street along 7th, 8th, and 9th avenues. However, if you’re interested in a free spot, you can park in one of three city-owned lots for up to two hours. After that, those spots will cost $1 per hour.

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According to Tampa city officials, the idea is to redirect drivers and clear up congestion in the area, reducing it by as much as 30%.

“Those are the prime spaces. So if they’re free, most people would want to park in those parking spaces,” explained Fred Revolte, parking manager for the city. “So, what we have is a lot of customers circling the blocks until they get a free parking space.”

The city has also created ride-share and drop-off spaces, as well as areas for freight vehicles to unload. 

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