Tampa Newlyweds — One From Ukraine, Other From Russia — Urge US To Speak Out Against War


Students protest Russian invasion of Ukraine

Josh Cascio reports

TAMPA, Fla.Student protesters at the University of South Florida added their voices to the call for an end to the war in Ukraine Wednesday.  

FOX 13 spoke to a number of the protesters including a newly-wed couple – one from Ukraine and the other from Russia. 

“Ukraine is closer than you think, we need your support,” said Ivan Cherniavskyi, who is from Kyiv, Ukraine.

“I want to support all Ukrainians because they’re really scared. It is important for them to see that people support them foreigners and Russians, too,” said his wife Uliana Tretyakova.

She is from Moscow, Russia. 

They have been married for a month. The conflict continues to tear at both of their hearts. 

“I want to say: don’t be silent, organize. Show your voices we can make a change,” said Cherniavskyi. 

“I don’t know anybody in Russia who wants the war. Everybody is just terrified by what is going on,” Tretyakova said. 

Because of what’s happening, the couple’s plans after graduation remain in jeopardy. For now, their focus is on school and the safety of their families back home. 

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