Tampa Makes Parking Changes To Ease Traffic In Ybor City

TAMPA, Fla. — The city of Tampa announced on Tuesday some parking changes in Ybor City that should reduce traffic congestion by 30% in the district later this month, according to Tampa Parking Division Manager Fed Revolte.

“We have a lot of customers circling the block looking for the on-street free parking,” said Revolte. “Which makes sense because those are the prime spaces.”

What You Need To Know

  • Changes go into effect on March 14

  • City will add 100 on-street parking spots

  • Two-hour free parking will be moved to city lots

In an effort to prevent constant traffic congestion, the city will move its free two-hour parking from the on-street spots to the city-owned lots. After two hours, drivers will pay $1 per hour to remain in the surface lot. 

Drivers who choose to park on the street will be charged $1.50 per hour. The changes go into effect on March 14.

Ybor Parking Brochure – Feb 28 by Kyle O’Connor on Scribd

“We know this will make it easier to find a parking spot.” said Revolte. “Also, provide additional free parking in our city-owned parking lots.” 

The city began installing new street parking signs and pay station kiosks along 7th Avenue, 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue in Ybor City on Tuesday. The entire installation is expected to take two weeks.

The city is adding 100 on-street parking spots along with dedicated rideshare drop-off and pick-up spaces. There will also be 15-minute load and unload spaces, along with dedicated freight spaces.

“Whatever they plan on doing, it will definitely help,” said driver Selena Silva. “It’s a pain.”

Tampa is moving its free 2-hr. street parking to city lots in Ybor City to ease traffic congestion. The city is also adding 100 street spots. Changes go into effect on March 14. @BN9 pic.twitter.com/E6HbpRWTBc

— Josh Rojas (@JoshRojasBN9) March 1, 2022

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