Tampa-Based, Veteran-Run Group Successfully Exfiltrates 2 Busloads Of Evacuees From Ukraine

At least four more missions will be carried out this week.

TAMPA, Fla. — Two busloads of evacuees, including U.S. citizens and their families, have been successfully rescued from Ukraine by Tampa-based nonprofit Project DYNAMO.

Four more evacuation missions are “imminent,” a spokesperson for the volunteer-based organization wrote in an email.

“Many more” rescue operations are simultaneously being planned, the spokesperson added.

Since January, the group’s team members have been on the ground in Ukraine, making plans to exfiltrate Americans. When the Russian invasion began, the well-trained DYNAMO team – which includes combat veterans – jumped into action and began moving people out.

They’re doing what the federal government is not.

While President Joe Biden had previously urged Americans to leave Ukraine before the invasion, not everyone could. And, the U.S. State Department has maintained that it will not be able to help with evacuating Americans at this point.

There’s a need, too.

Since Thursday alone, roughly 2,000 people have asked Project DYNAMO to help evacuate them from Ukraine. Several hundred of those requests came from U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents and their families, according to the organization. The nonprofit says many of the people needing help are children or people who are elderly.

“We’re working to rescue people as quickly as possible and will have several more busloads out in the coming hours,” James Judge, spokesman for Project DYNAMO, wrote in a statement. “Attacks by Russian forces have caused delays to transportation routes, and civilians who are waiting to be rescued have had to shelter during those attacks.”

Even as Kyiv is under attack, Project DYNAMO is continuing to work to save people in Ukraine’s capital city. Judge said the nonprofit is not letting the Russians stop the group from carrying out and planning rescue missions. In fact, he said, Project DYNAMO has even flown in more volunteers to set up reception points for evacuees in neighboring countries.

While all this is going on, Project DYNAMO is still helping to rescue people from Afghanistan, too.

Those requesting evacuations are encouraged to sign up for the State Department’s STEP program. They can fill out an evacuation request form with Project DYNAMO by clicking here.

Project DYNAMO gets its name from “Operation Dynamo,” which was the codename used for the Dunkirk civilian evacuation effort during WWII. The modern DYNAMO effort is privately-run and funded by donations.

Organizers say they’re committed to rescuing Americans and our allies from dangerous situations around the globe. To learn more about the nonprofit Project DYNAMO and to find donation information, click here

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