Have You Tried Galactic Food? You Can Now Try These Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

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Sure, you’ll need to pack your appetite for your voyage aboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, but you may want to make sure it’s an adventurous appetite.   

Like any luxury experience, there won’t be a lack of food aboard the Halcyon – the name of the ship. However, the edible offerings at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Walt Disney World will be unique, out-of-this-world choices.

“It’s all very familiar flavors on your palate, but visually it will look very, very different,” said Brian Piasecki, culinary director concept development Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. “We want to continue the storytelling and the immersive experience with the food.”

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Here are some things to get you ready for the culinary experience aboard this two-day, two-night vacation that’s being described – not as a hotel but – as an immersive trip comparable to a cruise (although this one technically moves only with Disney “magic”).

Guests are served two breakfasts and two lunches aboard the Halcyon. Both meals are eaten in the main dining room, the Crown of Corellia and served in “unique buffet” style.

You won’t find Mickey waffles on the menu here, but you will find the Star Wars version: a waffle with the Starcruiser logo on it. There is no assigned time for breakfast and lunch as guests can go at their leisure.

On Day 2 of the trip, guests have the option of getting off the ship and visiting the planet Batuu (located in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios). The vacation package includes a meal on Batuu, but if a guest decides to stay on the ship, they can enjoy lunch in the dining room instead. Or, for those who have worked up a big appetite, they can have one lunch on Batuu and a second lunch on the ship.   

The Crown of Corellia dining room will be transformed for dinner each night. The first night guests will enjoy a family-style meal with options including a bento box with bao buns, spiralized vegetable salad and four different dipping sauces. Among the other offerings are green-infused rice and a dish crew members refer to as “something those on another planet call chicken.” 

While guests feast, they are entertained by Gaya, a famous singer in the Star Wars world. The second night is described as an upscale dining experience and wine dinner. With each course, the chef comes out and talks about the food and the planet that inspired that dish.

Chances are there will be a few children, and maybe even adults, aboard the ship who aren’t about to eat Bantha beef tenderloin, Flora noodle salad or iced Felician shrimp cocktail. No worries. Chef Piasecki and his team had you in mind when creating the menus. There’s still an option to get classics like cheese pizza, buttered noodles and chicken fingers.

There also are plenty of options for those guests who have dietary restrictions due to food allergies or other restrictions whether it be gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or any other limitation.

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If guests are hungry between meals there are several food options available. The Sublight Lounge serves small bites and an array of festive beverages, with or without alcohol, such as Hoth Icebreaker, Cloud of Bespin and Dagobah Vimlet.

Servers also assist guests sitting right outside the lounge in the atrium area. Food and beverage items available from the Sublight Lounge are available for an additional cost. There is a snack area in the atrium that does have offerings to guests.

On the second evening of the voyage, after dinner, the crew hosts a “sweets and treats” event in the Crown of Corellia dining room. Guests can help themselves to ice cream, cookies and other goodies.

You won’t be enjoying breakfast in bed as in-room dining isn’t an option. However, Chef Piasecki said the culinary team is continuously looking at ways to expand.

“We will always continue to evolve as a lot of it will be based on what planets we visit in the future,” he said.

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