Experience ‘Bridgerton’ In Real Life At Hotel Indigo Bath

The romantic saga Bridgerton captured the hearts of millions during its first season, and now its second season is set to premiere on March 25. Many of the scenes in both seasons were filmed in the beautiful, historical city of Bath, England. If you’re looking to have a real-life Bridgerton experience, here are some of the ideal spots to explore within this destination that’s known for its Roman-built baths.

Royal Crescent, one of Bath’s most famous historic streets, and the lawns, parkland and other … [+] streets surrounding it. Photographed from a hot air balloon.


Stay At Hotel Indigo Bath

Hotel Indigo Bath

Hotel Indigo Bath

Situated in a gorgeous 18th-century Georgian townhouse, Hotel Indigo Bath epitomizes the charm and history of the city, and its neighborhood is beloved in the world of literature. It’s a great home base for Bridgerton fans who want a little spark of romance with its own Romance and Mischief guest rooms. These themed room have an abstract style that’s mixed with Georgian tradition, and they pay tribute to the old, grand Debutant Season in Bath.

Hotel Indigo Bath even offers a vegan menu in its onsite restaurant, and the hotel has wonderful walking tours that take you to some of the local spots that were used as filming locations in the Regency romance.

Visit The Royal Crescent And Beauford Square

Royal Crescent


The Royal Crescent is one of Bath’s UNESCO-listed historical sites, and it was used as a filming location for Bridgerton. This row of 30 terraced houses were designed by the famed architect John Wood, the Younger, and together they form a crescent. While a lot has changed within the homes, the exteriors look much like they did when built between 1767 and 1774.

You definitely don’t want to miss No.1 Royal Crescent, which is the first building at the eastern end of the Royal Crescent. In the show, it serves as Baron Featherington’s London home. In real life, it’s a fabulous museum that offers an immersive tour that showcases what it might have been between the years 1776 and 1796.

Explore The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum in Bath, Somerset, England


The Holburne Museum serves as Lady Danbury’s residence in Bridgerton. It’s located in Sydney Pleasure Gardens. It’s dedicated to “changing lives through art”. The museum served as Bath’s first public art gallery, and it’s currently home to significant works of art.

It’s created around the collection of Sir William Holburne. Some of the artists whose work is on display at the museum include Ramsay, Stubbs, and Gainsborough. The eclectic museum also hosts lectures, creative programs, workshops, and musical performances.

Stroll Along Beauford Square and Trim Street

View of historic Theatre Royal, Bath, England


You also want to take the time stroll through Beauford Square and down Trim Street. You’ll recognize it as a street where the characters in Bridgerton often walk and talk (and maybe gossip). Beauford Square is actually located behind the renowned Theatre Royal, and you may also recognize the pointed railings as a backdrop of an important conversation or two.

Experience The National Trust – Bath Assembly Rooms

The Bath Assembly Rooms


The Assembly Rooms were designed by John Wood the Younger in 1769, and they are located in the heart of Bath. Several of Bridgerton’s ballroom scenes were filmed in these elaborate rooms. They’re open to the public as a tourist attraction now. Visitors are often awed by the rooms’ Whitefriars crystal chandeliers and the fine art that adorns the walls.

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