“I'm In America Terrified For My Family,” Tampa Bay Community Gathers For Rally To Stand With Ukraine


Ukraine rally for peace

People in Tampa Bay with loved ones in Ukraine gathered for a rally Saturday at Vinoy Park. FOX 13’s Jonee’ Lewis has the story.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.A large crowd gathered in St. Petersburg for a rally to ‘Stand with Ukraine’ on Saturday afternoon.

Many people who attended the rally held at Vinoy Park say they have loved ones still in Ukraine fearing for their future.

“Imagine waking up one day and then all of a sudden your life is flipped upside down and everything you knew as a reality before is gone.”

Several of those who attended say they have already lost loved ones as Russia invades Ukraine.

“You wake up one day, and you just don’t have family and not because they passed away peacefully but because of a war no one ever wanted or asked for.”

Now concerned that there will be many more civilians who suffer the same fate.

“We are talking about people in those apartment buildings that are being bombed, who are in those villages that are being bombed, so it’s not a frontline war. It’s a war of civilization,” John Czerks said.

They say they will be hopeful, prayerful, and continue to be a voice in this community for their families.

“We pray, and we hope for the best for our country. Our country is strong, and I believe in our future, Ukrainian future,” Yunna Manko said.


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