Passion Geeks Prepare For Sankofa Cultural Black History Market In Tampa

Bre Flood and Courtney Miller, also known at the Passion Geeks, started down a path of minimalism about four years ago, selling their stuff, traveling the world and settling in the Tampa Bay area to create their dream business of self-love and self-care products.

What You Need To Know

  • Bre Flood and Courtney Miller started their company, Passion Geeks, about four years ago

  • Flood leans on her cosmetology background to make their products

  • Passion Geek partner Courtney Miller is all about the tradition African waist beads

Their body butter mixture — filled with shea butter, oils and aloe vera — is so thick that it breaks blenders.

“For women of color, and just people in general, it’s hard to find right amount of products that carry what we need,” said Flood

Flood leans on her cosmetology background, mixing ingredients to make a dual-purpose moisturizer and sunblock.

“It’s a rewarding feeling that I’m able to share a passion and a gift for others that will help heal and give a sense of confidence,” she said. “It’s not just one-sided — I’m selling a product, we are educating them, teaching them to do more.”

Passion Geek partner Courtney Miller is all about the tradition African waist beads, courtesy of the Yoruba tribe in West Africa.

“They are meant for you and what are the intentions for yourself,” said Miller.

The beads rest on your skin — on your waist or higher — a reminder of how awesome you are, she said.

Miller said that some people tie the beads higher near their rib cage, and when they lose weight, the beads eventually fall to your waist.

“So when you love your body you take care of it,” she said. “That’s what they are meant for.”

The pair says self-love and self-care is an extension of their journey to find true meaning in life — helping others.

You can find the Passion Geeks at Festivals around the Tampa Bay Area, including this weekend at the Sankofa Cultural Black History Market in Tampa.

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