Jury Reveals Verdict In Trial Of Tampa Police Officer

The jury has spoken in the trial of former Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves.

Here’s a rundown on the Curtis Reeves trial.

Curtis Reeves is a retired Tampa police captain. He was involved in the shooting of a man in a Wesley Chapel movie theater in 2014 during an argument that is said was over use of a cell phone. He was 71-years-old at the time.

Here’s what’s alleged to have happened. Curtis Reeves and his wife were seated behind 43-year-old Chad Oulson and his wife. An argument began regarding Oulson’s texting during the theater’s movie previews. Reeves went to compain, and then returned. When Oulson threw his popcorn at Reeves, Reeves then pulled a handgun and fired. He hit both Chad Oulson and his wife.

Courts ruled that the Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law did not fit this case. Reeves has since been on house arrest. Friday, February 25, the case went to the jury.

It took three house of deliberation and the jury returned a not guilty verdict. The 79-year-old has been acquitted of 2nd-degree murder and aggrevated battery.

[Source: Bay News 9/winknews.com/News Channel 8]

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