Tampa Bay Area Cities Rollout New Affordable Housing Plans

Tampa city leaders explained that there are $1 million dollars from the budget that will be available for some renters living within the city limits on Mar. 1.

TAMPA, Fla. — Protestors packed the steps of city hall in Tampa, demanding that city leaders start the process of enacting rent control.

“A city that is building does not neglect the very people who have built it,” one speaker told council members.

At the meeting, city leaders explained that there is one million dollars from the budget that will be available for some renters living within Tampa city limits on Mar. 1.

Representatives from the office of Housing and Community Development said the money is allotted for people who do not qualify for federally funded programs, and that the payments would go directly to their landlord.

They estimate that million dollars will help around 50 to 75 people.

Over in Pinellas County, a movement on a long-term plan with multiple municipalities joining forces for a united approach against the issue officially took form this week. 

It’s called the “Advantage Pinellas Housing Compact.”

“We’ve committed to a goal of, over a 10 year period, of 10,000 additional units that are affordable for people at a range of income levels,” said Whit Blanton from Forward Pinellas, a county planning organization.

St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and Pinellas Park make up the partnership.

County leaders say nearly one in five households in Pinellas County are cost-burdened, spending more than 30 percent of its income on housing.

The municipalities are working as a team for issues that cross city lines, like looking into how much affordable housing is available versus what’s needed, or deciding the most logical places to build new affordable housing properties.

“Putting housing in the right places that’s close to services-good accessibility both regionally and locally,” Blanton said.

While renters are demanding action now from local leaders, Blanton says this sets the framework to provide more housing for the long haul.

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