Bay Area Groups Want Affordable Housing Concerns Addressed

TAMPA, Fla. — Residents on both sides of the bay are speaking out for affordable housing.

Just one day after dozens of protesters gathered outside St. Petersburg city hall over the rising cost of rent, the group, called the people’s council of St. Petersburg, filed a permit Friday to hold a “tent-in.”

They’re asking for permission to create a tent city in front of city hall.

The demonstrators are demanding that St. Petersburg officials declare a housing state of emergency over the rising cost of rent.

If approved, that “tent-in” would take place from March 17 to the 24.

Meanwhile, some members of the same group showed up to protest in front of Tampa city hall Friday evening.

The group was smaller but the message was the same: city leaders need to enact rent control measures.

The group Tampa Tenant’s Union says it’s important that more people make their voices heard.

“I think the power to really resolve this falls in the hands of the working class of Tampa,” said Bratton Young, with the tenants union. “Because we’re the ones who need to make her voice is heard into really create some solutions to this.”

The demonstration comes just six days before the Tampa city council will host a workshop to discuss a rent stabilization ordinance. 

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