Asia Travel Restrictions: Reopening Status For Japan, China, Thailand And Other Popular Asian Countries

While many of the world’s most popular tourist destinations are doing their best to keep borders open and international travel flowing, adjusting their entry restrictions and incorporating vaccination or testing requirements, Asian countries have largely fallen behind the curve.

Some highly tourism-dependent destinations in Asia have come up with schemes that offer quarantine-free entry to foreign travelers only in select locations or under certain conditions, while others continue to mandate hotel quarantines or keep their borders closed altogether. But, generally, nations in this region are being very cautious in their approaches to reopening.

Some countries’ borders may remain closed or they might maintain prohibitive entry policies, but there’s no lack of international travel demand just waiting to be tapped into. Global travelers have waited two years for the chance to explore the Far East, Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific regions, but, depending upon their desired destination, they find themselves yet waiting indefinitely.

Has the Asia destination you’re hoping to visit reopened to international travelers yet? Here are some of those countries’ respective answers to that question.

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