8 Pop-Up Picnic Companies In Tampa Bay To Spread Love All Year

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Pop-up picnics are all the rage after many companies opened throughout the Tampa Bay area during the coronavirus pandemic, providing socially distanced options for Floridians looking to get out of the house.

From beaches, to parks across the area, to even private set-ups in backyards or indoors, these companies are providing décor and ambiance for relaxing picnics for friends or providing backdrops to memories couples will have for a lifetime.

Most companies include set-up, take down and places to sit, and many offer add-ons for additional cost, including charcuterie boards, wine, champagne, flowers and even photographers.

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1. Enchanted Picnics

Enchanted Picnics offers romance, nautical, bohemian and tropical-themed picnics. Prices range for the number of guests, beginning at $180 for two people for any theme.

Locations include the Courtney Campbell Causeway, Clearwater North Beach, Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Honeymoon Island and others.

Add-ons include charcuterie boards, fruit-infused tea pitchers, a blind wine tasting box, rose petals, beverage and dessert carts and more.

Beginning next month, Enchanted Picnics will offer the “set sail picnic” for two guests from the Dunedin Causeway for an hour and a half, with a 30 minute picnic on land prior to setting sail.

2. Picnic Ave.

Picnic Ave. offers picnics for two, four, six, eight or ten people. They also offer hotel picnics, but only their décor, as well as a bistro picnic option. A picnic for two, as well as the bistro picnic option, begin at $200.

Picnics are offered throughout the Tampa Bay area, including beaches, parks and private backyards.

Upgrades to picnics include flowers, charcuterie, live music, custom paint kits or even a bartender experience where guests can learn to mix their favorite drinks with help from a certified bartender.

3. The Curated Picnic Co.

The Curated Picnic Co. offers fully curated picnics or romance-themed picnics, but customers can also create their own for any occasion. A fully curated or romance package for two guests begin at $225.

Picnic locations include Plant Park at the University of Tampa, Seaplane Basin Park at Davis Island, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach and more.

The romance package includes in addition to the picnic table setup with a rug, blankets and pillows, two mini champagne bottles, a dozen roses, chocolate-covered strawberries or an assorted box of truffles and more.

4. Table Manor

Table Manor offers pop-up bespoke picnics in the Tampa Bay area. They are a full-service event design company that offers picnics, but does much more.

Picnics can be scheduled on the beach, in parks and also at private residences.

Table Manor can be contacted for booking and with questions on their Facebook page or by emailing TableManorCo@gmail.com.

5. Picnics Perfected

Picnics Perfected offers bistro, classic and cabana picnics in Clearwater, Madeira Beach and Dunedin. Bistro picnics start at $150 and the classic picnic package begins at $165.

A photographer and florist can be added on to picnic packages to make guests “feel like an influencer.”

“Your Instagram-worthy picnic awaits,” the Picnics Perfected website says.

Owner Jenny Groover recently spoke with 8 On Your Side’s Daisy Ruth about finding her purpose through her picnic business created during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, after being a stay-at-home-mom for years.

6. St. Pete Picnic Co.

St. Pete Picnic Co. is another pop-up picnic company created during the coronavirus pandemic to give folks in Tampa Bay a socially-distanced date night. Through their website, customers can create and design their own picnic.

Picnics are available at the St. Petersburg Pier, Madeira Beach, Vinoy Park and Lassing Park. Candlelight and TiiPii picnics can also be reserved. A standard picnic for two at Madeira Beach begins at $185.

Bottles of red and white wine, champagne, tea for two, rose petals, caramel flan, flowers and more can be purchased as add-ons.

Rachel Fry created “St. Pete Picnic Co.” in August 2020 as a way to connect with her own friends during difficult times. 

7. Sarasota Picnics

Sarasota Picnics offers two picnic packages, the golden hour and the golden hour dinette, starting at $200 and $250, respectively.

Blankets, a Polaroid camera, rose petals, a personalized sign, charcuterie boards, grazing boards, brunch items and desserts are available as add-ons for picnics.

8. Picture Perfect Picnic

Picture Perfect Picnic helps guests create memories and enjoy more moments in Tampa. They offer two picnic packages, the “boho luxe” and the “custom luxe.”

They offer picnics at private locations, beaches and also parks, including water views at Vinoy Park and the St. Pete Pier.

Add-ons include a Polaroid camera and film, charcuterie boards, a custom letter board message, fresh fruit, vanilla or alcohol-infused cupcakes and more.

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