Pinellas Park Soldiers Head Out Of Ukraine As Tampa-Based Group Evacuates Americans From The Country


Florida troops ordered out of Ukraine

Dan Matic reports.

PINELLAS PARK, Fla.As the situation intensifies between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has ordered its troops, including ‘Task Force Gator’ to get out, in case of a Russian invasion.   

One hundred and sixty soldiers of the Florida National Guard from Pinellas Park have been in the country since November training Ukrainian soldiers.  

U.S. Secretary of defense Lloyd Austin made the call amid growing concerns that the Russian military could invade any day.  

Earlier this week, the White House urged up to 16,000 American citizens in the country to get out.   

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Military veteran and founder of Project Dynamo, Bryan Stern has been working to get American citizens out of Afghanistan. Now, his focus is shifting to Ukraine.  

“Lots of people are leaving but there are always stragglers there’s always weird circumstances,” he said.  

Project Dynamo is beefing up communications with Ukrainian contacts and other sources in the region should the situation continue to escalate.  

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