Water Works Park In Tampa Is Site For February 6 Lunar New Year Festival

TAMPA, Fla. — Ping Wang and her fellow performers from Sunshine Dance Group in Tampa rehearse a traditional Chinese fan dance with modern accents.

“This dance name is called ‘Great Land,’” said Ping Wang.

They are preparing for Lunar New Year celebrations as Chinese expats sharing their culture.

“Most people, we are not professional dancers, but we love dancing. That’s why we have the group—that’s why we have Lisha,” said Wang.

She’s talking about Lisha Dong.

Dong started the group 17 years ago here in Tampa.

She explains the meaning behind the dances.

“The people celebrate the spring coming,” said Dong. “Everybody prays to have a good year.”

A prayer for the new year in the form of a dance.

For Wang, performing keeps her connected to her culture.

Something she’s done as long as she can remember.

“Almost a lifetime – since we little. We love dance,” said Wang.

Dance that shares a prayer for you and your new year.

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