Easy Access Islands To Visit This Winter

It’s already started out as a cold 2022. We’re seeing frigid temperatures, snow, and ice storms in many U.S. locales that aren’t even used to seeing that “white stuff.”

This is the time of year when travelers start thinking of destination escapes where the sun, surf, and sand beckon, and warm ocean breezes whisper through the swaying palms. And the easier it is to get to these islands, the better. Shorter flights and better yet, direct flights to these destinations help get our vacation started a whole lot sooner.

If you’re looking for some island escapes, we’ve got your ticket to paradise with our suggestions for the easiest places to access for a winter getaway. Whether you’re looking for a fun festive atmosphere or plenty of much-needed respite, these islands answer the mail. So, go ahead and start your packing and planning!

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